Asterisk Now Context

I have a new install of OpenSuse 11 and used RMP(Yast) to install Asterisk 1.4.22 and the Asterisk GUI 2.0. So far no problems. Then I went in and set up Asterisk using the GUI and am getting some funny problems.

users.conf has this line
context = DID_
under a context with the same phone number.

sip.conf has this line
context = default
if I change that to
context = DID_
then I get a failure on incoming calls from the CLI
NOTICE[4005]: chan_sip.c:14383 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘’ to extension ‘s’ rejected because extension not found

I realize this is because there is not exten = s,1,(some command here) in that context but isn’t the Asterisk GUI supposed to work out of the box and take care of this stuff.

Why if there is settings in users.conf for our trunk is it trying to go to the context under [general] in sip.conf (context=default). users.conf has a more specific setting and was put there by the Asterisk GUI itself.

The only conclusion I can come to is the Asterisk GUI 2.0 I downloaded does not work. Is there some bug I need to know about for the Asterisk GUI 2.0.

Maybe I should dump the version installed by Yast and download and compile it myself.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help