Asterisk-GUI Upload Error

Good Afternoon all,

I am pretty fresh to Linux & new to Asterisk. I need to setup an Asterisk PBX for use in our live environment within 2 months.

I have the following;
Asterisk Build:
Asterisk GUI-version : SVN-branch-2.0-r5014

I love asterisk-gui 2.0. Works a charm and is intuitive and powerful but I am getting a bit of a show stopper error.

Whenever I do anything that uploads a file/files to the asterisk box I get this error “Aborting Upload : Error Code AG101”.
This includes Voice Menu Uploads & MOH etc. Also there seems to be some thing dodgy when you try to record a new voiceprompt, once you’ve recorded the prompt on the operator phone it doesn’t seem to ever get saved to the system.

Voicemail recordings seem to work fine.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting steps I can try or knowledge of this error? Im pretty good at searching the internet for solutions to this kind of stuff and I have found other people who have had the same problem, but no solutions; ( I have played with folder rights, uploads folder settings in http.conf, different browsers, running the browser locally on my Fedora box and remotely, even tried building a 1.4 Asterisk box with GUI 2.0 and the issue followed me.

Is this error due to my Linux version? I use Fedora-13.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, im getting a bit stressed out and spent too many man hours on this.


Trunk versions are, potentially unstable, development versions. The GUI’s support of Asterisk is likely to lag behind the trunk.

Just wiped and rebuilt server to the following build;
Asterisk Build:
Asterisk GUI-version : SVN-branch-2.0-r5014

Problem is still there

Having the same problem -
asterisknow 1.7 GUI (not freepbx) fresh install

Any solutions?


You should use tags versions for stability, not branch ones.

My guess that you are running non-root and have file permission problems.

Thanks for the Reply -
The version I’m using is right off the website - (ISO)

I think the other guy was using the branch ver -
I went to the Bug tracker and I found this

(go to the bottom and it says this)

This issue is currently being suspended as there are currently no resources
available for this project. This issue will be re-evaluated when resources
become available to work on it.

As with all open source projects, if you are interested in moving this project
forward, please join the various IRC channels and mailing lists to get involved.

Thank you for your understanding.

Is asterisknow GUI (not freepbx) a dead project?


My understanding is that AsteriskNow now refers to a package based on the FreePBX GUI. However, this not the AsteriskNow forum.