Asterisk GUI problem - GUI 2.0 with Asterisk 1.4

I have been using the GUI for a couple of days, had compiled it, configured it, and it was running just fine.

Today I configured a SIP Trunk provider, and was having problems with the SIP ports not freeing up between calls, so I rebooted the system.

Now the GUI won’t load, as soon as I enter the login and password, it goes into an endless loops, searching for http.conf, found http.conf, searching for extensions.conf, found extensions.conf. Repeats over and over.

From the web page, its just continually reloads the status screen, but doesn’t quite finish, just starts over and repeats.

I have re-downloaded the gui, recompiled it. I’ve changed the login and password several times.

Asterisk is running just fine, its answering calls, going to voice mail etc… but the gui just won’t load properly.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.