Asterisk GUI and command line don't match

I am a very experience I.T. expert on the PC and Mac. However, I am pretty new to Linux. I set up Asterisk 11.6.0 on my Ubuntu 12.04.3 system. I have connected X-Lite softphone to the sytem. I have made changes to extension.conf, etc via command line interface (CLI). I notice that when I go to the web GUI, those changes I made in the CLI don’t show up. I don’t get it? I even reloaded the web GUI, restarted Asterisk via CLI, and even restarted the entire Ubuntu 12.04.3 box. Still, the GUI is pretty much blank despite the changes I made to the .conf files in the CLI. Help!

No web GUIs are supported here. AsteriskGUI is no longer supported and support for FreePBX is provided at

However, I would never expect that any web GUI would cope with direct changes to the dialplan; they may even have their own, private, structured version of the dialplan information, from which they generate extensions.conf on the fly. The warnings you will see inthe configuration files apply even more to manipulation of the in memory dialplan.

Usually You dont use conf files if you have a GUI. And in the other hand you may ask to the vendor of the GUI.