Asterisk GUI 2.0 gets stuck

Recently i installed asterisk system on debian etch( dahdi-linux-2.1.0, dahdi-tools-2.1.0, asterisk- and asteriskgui-2.0-r4390).
When i try to access webgui it attempts to open asterisk web manager page but gets stuck with “Checking write permission for gui folder”. Then after ~5 minutes it shows “Could not connect to the server”.

May be you have any idea?

Thanks in advnace

I have the same problem


you need to set 777 to /var/lib/asterisk

Thanks but it didn’t work :frowning:
still stuck in “Checking write permission for gui folder”

Any other idea? please :smiley:

I recently install asterisk also along with the 2.0 gui. After all config, i tried to connect to the webgui and it just stop at uaername and password screen. It does not tell me if my information is incorrect or not.

any help…

I had to remove Asterisk 1.6 and put in Asterisk 1.4 to have the Gui working correctly.


i think i’ll stay with the config files and the command line and then i’ll make my own (basic) GUI.

Thank you very much for the help :smiley:

I’m getting the same problem that ccnconsulting had where I can’t get pass the login screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m using asterisk 1.6, which they claim works with the 2.0 GUI.

hmm asterisk gui is not working with dahdi, i think they are still working on that, there is a bug in asterisk-1.6, you need to upgrade to beta, that will work.