Asterisk & gateway FXO

Hello everybody.

I have not find out the answer of my question on the forum. Perhaps someone can help me.

I have instalated asterisk@home.
I would like to make and to receive calls from pstn.
I have a gateway Audiocodes MP104 FXO

When I want to make an external call, asterisk send the number to the gateway. All runs correctly.

But the problems come when I want to receive external calls.
The gateway send a request to Asterisk. This one does not accept the request.
I think that the problem comes from the authentification.

could you indicate me how to configure asterisk for accepting external calls from my gateway?

Thanks a lot.


Can you see a call coming in on the asterisk console already ?
Can you see at asterisk’s CLI that the call is signalling ?
"Accepting call from…to …"

and then a line like
"No route to destionation"