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[quote=“”] is pleased to announce a fork from the Asterisk software PBX. The software PBX builds on the solid foundation created by the developers of Asterisk.

The community plans to develop a robust offshoot from Asterisk building on its strengths, flexibility and user community. Some of the planned features include modular architecture, native support for Sangoma TDM cards, integrated faxing and eventually integrated messaging.[/quote]

What is the take on this?

More here:

And on the OpenPBX wiki:

By the looks of it, nothing more at the moment than smoke and mirrors.

If I was so inclined, I could have the code rebranded, setup a similar website, and call it the WORLDPBX project, all within a twenty four hour period.

If you are going to do a fork, and keep the community interested and accepting, from day 1, you provide a very clear roadmap, and in most cases, why there is a need for a fork, explaining very clearly the shortcomings of the project that it has been forked from.

So far on that site, the roadmap and reason for the fork appears to approximate no more than one line.

It appears that the person has been excited by the recent Mambo/Joomla fork, which is even more evident that the Website is developed under Joomla (Mambo), and wants the same excitement with his/her fork. The difference was that the issues with Mambo were reasonably well known beforehand, from day 1 they provided very clear roadmap and reasons, and as such almost all thirdparty developers have committed to Joomla.

Now, that all said, everyone is welcome to try their hand, and one of the great concepts of the open source world is that bigger and better products may evolve. If that happens with OPENPBX, well done to that person or group.

Anyhow just my take, everyone else is welcome to their views.



Interesting view…

[quote=“Joshua Colp”]My name is Joshua Colp, or file on IRC, I am part of the OpenPBX project - but don’t judge me as the enemy because of that. I have already talked with Mark, Russell, and others about my stand on both OpenPBX and Asterisk. I still treat them as friends even during these rocky times. I’m not going to abandon Asterisk, stuff I create that has a chance of getting into Asterisk - I am going to put on the bug tracker. I am not going to let all of this effect my standing in the community.

Why am I playing both sides? OpenPBX gives me the chance to try great new things and use existing well designed stuff to do it. There’s no re-inventing the wheel over and over. My ideas aren’t ignored, and I have my own branch that I can play with and let others help with. When something is good, merge it into trunk. I still want Asterisk to blossom despite this, that’s why I still work on Asterisk things like messaging. Bug fixes and tiny features that I come across? I will not hoard them, they will go on the bug tracker.

Yes I respect Mark for what he has done, and just because I’m part of OpenPBX does not mean I’m going to change my point of view. Don’t judge me just because of my source code. I don’t judge you that way.

Does not sound like the start of a ‘stable’ environment, but even more of a sandbox…