Asterisk for Emergency Telecommunication?


Hi everyone,
Any chance anyone is working on developing ASTERISK systems for emergency telecommunication application ?
We’re developing a solar balloon, which can lift 5 kg of payload and able to produce 300 W of power. We focus on emergency response, and would like to propose an integrated system to provide victims with a WiFi to get in touch with their families and to field units a way to communicate.

If any idea of organization/people that are working on the subject, happy to chat with them !
Thank you


Interesting,lets get connected.


Hi Yusudel,
Let to this !Please send a request on and say you’re a profesional.
That would be the easiest way to get in tough :slightly_smiling_face:



Sure.I shall do that.


For the WLAN part, this could be of interest:

With Gluon you are able to built very large mesh networks.
You can also customize the image build and insert asterisk for exmaple.


Hey great thanks for the tip !