Asterisk external queues

Hi users.
Thz for read the post and try to help.
I set up an queue with internal sip ok but with external i can not make it!
I set up a timeout but when the queues have to use the trunk channels it does not respect the timeout setup in the queues.conf
to call the other mobile phone in the list.

You can set the timeout within the command Queue, when this timeout is reach, the dialplan jump to the next priority.

Yes that time is for all queues, not for each mobile phone or sip extension. when that time finish of the queue, asterisk pass to the next sequence.
My problem is other. I want to make that the numbers are into the queues.conf file have a time duration for each call, if the call isnot answer. This time is setup with the parameter timeuot into the queues.conf file. This parameter work o.k only with sip extension,but if i put a mobile phone the value parameter timeuot is not wirking.