Asterisk Errors

Hello All,
I am using asterisk 1.8 | GoautoDial with g729 , g711 codecs installed
i am receiving following errors can any one help me regarding these errors with descriptions , why do they occur and also the solutions so i can fix those errors

  1. Chan_sip c:8058

  2. Utils c;966

  3. App6282;app_macro.c:256

  4. 7941;rtp.c;831 Process_Rfc 8839

Please provide the complete error messages, exactly as they appear in the messages log file.

Although one can guess that Chan_sip.c:8058 is a mis-transcription of a reference to line 8058 in chan_sip.c (all lower case), without the exact version number, one cannot reliably identify what is at line 8058 (if there is no error message generated anywhere nearby, one might be able to guess, although there isn’t one near enough to that line in the 1.8 branch version). On the other hand, the full text of the message may allow one to work out what is wrong without having to look at the source code.

I have no idea what Apps6282 or 7941 refer to.