Asterisk e1 cards and alcatel omnipcx pbx

Hello all.

Is plausible connect a E1 asterisk card with E1 interface of Alcatel OMNIPCX PBX.

I understand that the key of this work is the synchronization clock, which must be in some of the two interfaces.

How to know if any E1 asterisk card have the synchronization clock feature?

Very tanks

No, the key of this work is the common signalling protocol, like Q.931/EuroISDN.
Check this

After that you should have the same framing on both sides - with or without CRC4. And, finally, you should configure either side of the link to take clocking from the other party.

Very thanks AndrewZ.

I have a similar case
Alcatel OmniPCX with S2M E1 Card
Asterisk installed on Debian
Digium wildcard TE205P
Teh PBX is configured as slave and the card is master for the clock
And I am getting RED alarm on the span port
Can anyone using the same setup share with me his/her zaptel.conf, zapata.conf and the parameters used in the OmniPCX?
thanks in advance