Asterisk doesn't work :-(

Hi , I have installed the latest asterisk in vmware linux redhat9 with great effort , but it couldn’t be started any longer ! :frowning: When I finished the installation, I just get one successful boot-up. then when I entered “asterisk -vvvvc” (or other options) ,he always returned “Segmentation Fault” (or plus “core dumped”). I don’t know why ! There are much warning information.

Could some one help me ?!


Two things - first I would use CentOS 4 or 5 instead of RH9

second I would suggest running Asterisk on an old desktop as it will run 100% better than within VMware (or any VM software).

So I have to install the software in vmware. When I overwrite the asterisk files with previous bakup, it can be started . But once I modified the conf files(sip.conf/iax.conf/extensions.conf), it will be aborted and exit with “segmentation fault”. I don’t know why. I did do these settings as the 's tutrial .