Asterisk Cluster On VMWare

Hi all,

We are trying a setup where an asterisk cluster, exists on a VMWare Box. But we are trying a failover setup, but is not working. We are not looking at disk issues etc, coz mostly they are all in realtime mysql. We have no public IP or NAT ing. Its all in the LAN.

We only got the floating IP part working but not the failover :frowning:

The heartbeat software is not doing its job. Has anyone tried this before on a VMWare? What were the issues?

I know this is not the right place for this question, but if somebody has done, what were the recovery and failover times? What about the existing IP traffic that were going on when the asterisk handling it failed?

Thank you


Is heartbeat working at all ? you say you have the floating ip working, this should be contralled from heartbeat, is it ?

Have you got scripts to start and stop asterisk ?

Also make sure that no firewalls are stopping the heartbeat packets, This is a common error


It was indeed the firewall :frowning:… How could i miss it :frowning:
Thanks for your time and views.

Thank you