Asterisk does not send some manager events for newly created PJSIP peers

I noticed a strange behavior of Asterisk with Asterisk realtime PJSIP and Asterisk manager events.

I add new peer to database, register softhone to Asterisk. Asterisk sends some Asterisk manager events, e.g. ChallengeSent, SuccessfulAuth but there are no events PeerStatus, ContactStatus, DeviceStateChange between them.

After pjsip reload command, I repeat registering softphone. Asterisk sends more events ant there are PeerStatus, ContactStatus, DeviceStateChange between them.

Asterisk is configured according to the documentation in Setting up PJSIP Realtime - Asterisk Documentation

log_before_reload.txt (55.6 KB)
log_after_reload.txt (60.7 KB)

If wanting those you also have to tell Asterisk to refresh the information so it can keep track.

Is there any advanced documentation about this module and its behaviour?

I’m not sure what module or behavior you are referring to, or what you are actually seeking from such a thing.

I have not found information about “pjsip reload qualify endpoint/aor” command in documentation: res_pjsip Configuration Examples - Asterisk Documentation
There is no information that Asterisk has to be told about the aors/endpoints manually in realtime configurations.

I’m not sure if anyone has explicitly written any documentation for such. If you’d like to, the documentation is open and pull requests can be made[1].

[1] GitHub - asterisk/documentation: The Asterisk Documentation Project.

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