ARI + Realtime problem with new endpoints

I’ve configured realtime for PJSIP
With existing endpoints (after a restart) everything works fine

But if I create a new endpoint:

  • I don’t receive events on the status of the endpoint (ARI ws)
  • If I make an ARI requests for endpoints, the new endpoint appears offline

I need to restart asterisk after creating any new endpoint in the database to be able to monitor it

any tip?

You have to invoke the “pjsip reload qualify endpoint” or “pjsip reload qualify aor” CLI command to have it be picked up.

But I’m using realtime
if I execute “pjsip show endpoints” my new endpoints appear as registered with the actual ip address of the device

can I run this command over ARI API?

No. You can not. Asterisk has to be notified when using realtime.

Previously an attempt was made to have it automatically be done, which resulted in a 1000% performance penalty for non-realtime usage that was not acceptable. A compromise was made and this was it.

Thanks now it’s working with “pjsip reload qualify endpoints”
But now the question is:
I’m creating the endpoints in the database from a web application
What is the best way to trigger the reload command from an external web application?

CLI commands can be executed over the manager interface. How that happens and is triggered is up to you.

It is also much more efficient generally to be explicit in what you reload in qualify, and not just blanket reload all endpoints.

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