Asterisk Dist / Billing Software

I am currently looking at supplying roughly 10-20 of my internet customers with a VOIP service and was wondering if anyone can advise on the best open source PBX software with prepaid billing facilitys available.

I am looking at offering a prepaid service and would like to control this service with one simple web based GUI.
I have taken a quick look at Kolmisoft’s MOR and was wondering if anyone can comment on this software and setting it up with Trixbox.

If anyone can point me in the right direction and advise if there are any ISO’s ready to go it would be most appreciated.


Don’t know about the software that you mentioned but Trixbox comes with A2billing. Have you looked at this?

thanks for the reply. I have taken a quick look at a2billing but got a little confused with the setup. I am simply looking for a tool that allows me to add more prepaid min/hours when customers require them.

If you are quite familar with a2billing can you advise on whether this will do the job.