Asterisk/Digium card start problem

Asterisk died. When I rebooted it, it gave me a message that the Digium card was removed from the system.
While booting a system, get a message “hisax device eth1 doesn’t seem to be present”.
It worked fine before, so I can’t figure out if the problem is with the Digium card or something else.
And our admin is overseas on vacation.
CAn anybody help?

Try shutting down again and follow the follwing steps in order.

  1. Shutdown.
  2. Unplug all power cords.
  3. push the power “on” button for a few seconds (to release any stored energy in the power supply)
  4. Open the case
  5. push in on all of the cards and plugs that you can
  6. close case
  7. plug in and power back on.

Sometimes what happens is that temperature changes between different material types will actually cause plugs and cards to wiggle out of there slots. Sounds funny but I have see this many many times over the years.