Asterisk dialplan and HTTP backend


We are currently using Cisco equipment for writing voice applications in VXML and TCL. The general approach with Cisco is to write an IVR application in said languages and gather information the user enters using DTMF. Then we send this information off to an HTTP backend using GET or POST. The backends are usually Windows services with HTTP listeners.

Recently we started to use Asterisk and I’m wondering what the approach would be when writing IVR application in Asterisk and sending the gathered information for processing/storage? Should I just stick to the same approach and send all information using CURL or are there better ways to do this?

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You could do this, using phpagi class , and passing theDTMF as variables in php using POST or GET

Yes, that’s a possibility, but It’s kind of the same thing we are currently doing with our Ciscos. Instead here Php would be used. I think there is no other way of sending of data collected during a call than sending it through HTTP by using CURL/PHPAGI or inserting the data in custom/existing CDR fields.


I think most people write directly to the database (not as CDRs).