Asterisk dailplan settings

Hi Guys,

I’m using Asterisk 1.8 version. I would like to add it to the menu field in the dialplan.


If you press 1, go to xx application,
If you Press 2 go to yy application,

Which function does this provide with stable service?

The Read or Background dialplan applications can be used.

exactly this 2 function did not succeed.

Have you done any diagnosing of the problem? Does DTMF work? Was the call answered? Did the sounds play? What happened on the console?

Dtmf is running, I use other functions before these stages.
But I get announcements when it comes to this stage. Select “1 or 2”
Then the call is dropped.

Did it tell you why? Did you double check the extensions? Extensions have to start at priority 1. ‘n’ can’t be used without a priority of ‘1’ matching initially.

For example, when I call 1 or 2 directly, functions work successfully.

Only in the macro menu separation seems to be not working.

You’re going to need to show the precise dialplan logic, console output, and also the output of “dialplan show” for the context.

I think this function was successful. " Background" But I have to test it a little bit.

Thanks jcolp.