Asterisk D300/SC-2E1 old ISA card support?

dear friends,

i would like to know if asterisk support old Dialogic D300/SC-2E1 ISA card, as in year 2000 it was a very expensive card. I got a linux redhat running on a P2 400 MHZ.

I got the linux drivers but does asterisk support still ISA dialogic cards ?

supported hardware here

Dear hasek,
I also have some D/300SC-2E1 Boards.
I am finding any experts who can support me to setup them running on the Asterisk.
Someones said that Asterisk Business Edition can support old Dialogic board as our boars. I also post question to Digium Webpage that this information is correct or not but nobody confirmed yet.
I send to you the document and hope it useful for you “”(Sorry, I did not know how to add the attached file there. Please go to this link).
By the way, I would like to ask you some question as below:

  1. Which RedHat Linux Version are you running?
  2. Which LiS Version do you install?
    I have tried to install Dialogic System Release 5.1 FP2 on the RedHat Linux Kernel-2.4.20-18.7, LiS-2.15.2. Everything seem well but when rebooting PC, It indicated some warnings as bellow:
    Warning: sr_putstop: dxxB1 not ready for command
    Warning: sr_putstop: dxxB1C1 not ready for command
    Warning: sr_putstop: dxxB2 not ready for command

    Warning: sr_putstop: dxxB8 not ready for command
    Warning: sr_putstop: dxxB8C1 not ready for command
    I tried to post this warning to Dialogic technical forum but no answering,now.
    Could you please give me your idea to solve it?
    Best regards,
    Quoc Viet.