Asterisk with Dialogic

Hi all,

I would like to known how can I do to get Dialogic drivers for Asterisk.
I known that I need to buy but how can I do this ?

Tks a lot,


I would not think so… Digium doesn’t want to support other hardware products.

I would like to know before I put a nice rack mountable PIII system on ebay. I have multiple factional and full t1 cards available. If you know anyone who is interested.

Keep me posted.


You have to buy Asterisk Business Edition from Digium before you can get the Dialogic drivers. contact Digium and they can help you with both

I use AsteriskWin32 and it can regconize the Dialogic card. But I don’t know how to make and receive call using it. How can I do it? Please help me.