Rhetorex Voice Board Supported?

Hi all,

I have several ISA and PCI Rhetorex boards that I was wondering if I could reuse in an * system for me to test?

I also have Mobo that have (1) ISA slot and PCI slots so was wondering if anyone has used this board?

How about basic PCI modems? I have many of those in a box? Any use in a * system?


I downloaded * and just burned it on CD. I will be trying it out on a test PC and see what happens…

By the way,

I also have (3) Dialogic /4 cards that are just shelved. I would like to see if I can reuse these as well.


Also, I have (8) DE84/ 3 Dialogic cards (?). I will have to look at the cards when I get to the warehouse. I was given the description verbally from the ‘box’.


Dialogic D/42 NE2 X (8) Cards in a box.

Are these cards supported by *?


Parts on Hand:
(2) Rhetorex Boards - 2 port cards - these are ISA boards

(3) Dialogic /4 Boards - these are ISA boards

(8) Dialogic D/42 NE2 Boards - these are PCI boards

Assorted PCI modems that may or may not be X100P compatible. How do I check this out?

Any and all comments are welcome…


The Rhetorex boards are model 232.

I’ve setup *NOW on a system with a PCI Modem and it isn’t recognizing the Modem. I have setup the log in screen and setup some stations but I guess I will need to try to setup some SIP clients to log in to those stations.

:confused: Anyone know if drivers are available for these cards that I am using…?