Asterisk CTI for Avaya through H323,help for AgentloginId

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 6:05 pm Post subject: Avaya/Asterisk LoginID Of Agent answers asterisk calls

Hi Gentlemen,

I have succesfully installed Asterisk 1.2.1 and built an Nufone H323 Trunks with Avaya.

I 'am currently trying to build a “pseudo” cti.

I can monitor realtime skill status with a “bidouille” name clint in CMS server.
So, I 'am sending calls from asterisk with sending call files in \var\spool\asterisk\outgoing.
When agent logged into Avaya Skillare avalaible since more than 2 minutes, they receiving a call from asterisk wich connect them to an oubound calls (satisfaction survey).

I have no problem to do that and it works fine, but my main problem is that i want to send a pop up with Name, number and personal datas to agent PC screens when they handle the call. For that, i need to know wich Avaya agent answers because i’am just sending the call to a skill (to it will be handled). So i need to know how i can display in NoOp console the calledid or something like that.

I tried basicaly all the NoOp variables with name like callerid, calleridnum, name ,; dialedpeernumber;dialerpeer name etcc… but no success.

But when i send an h.323 debug in console i can see :
connection established by And this is what i need.
How i can found the variable appears in this channel message and set it as a global variable ( i’am not a develloper but i have a lot off friends…) and use it in extensions.conf or AGI.
CallerID work from Avaya to Asterisk and viceversa

I like to think that i 'am near to replace Avaya by Asterisk…

Many thanks for your help