Outgoing caller ID based on Agent login


I’d like to set the outgoing called id for my users based on the agent they’re logged in as. I’m using agents as a hot-desking solution but of course when I make internal calls the CID of the sip extension rather than the agent is what’s shown. I’d like to display at least the agent number, preferably the name of the agent. If it makes any difference, we’re using the Linksys SPA942 phones.


hi guys - just a quick bump. could really do with finding a solution but I’m a little stuck on this one. cheers again.

only thing i can think of are pulling agent variables (if any exist) at the beginning of your dial-out context and setting the CID variable from that.

only problem is that i do not know what (if any) agent variables exist.

other option would be to use the AstDB to store variables at agent sign-in time, and pull THOSE before dial-out…

thanks. * does set AGENTBYCALLERID_ so I can probably use this.

will figure it out later, another problem has come up that needs fixing ( typical :smile: )