Asterisk creates core.localhost.localdomain on /tmp - CentOS

Asterisk creates automatically every 20-30 seconds a file called core.localhost.localdomain…
on the forlder /tmp. Why? it fills all my harddisk memory.
I am on CentOS6.6 and I am using it on a virtual machine created with virtualbox
Help me!!!

These are coredumps from the asterisk-instance meaning that asterisk crashed.
Before traing into the cordeump (with gdb and bt) You may have a look at /var/log/asterisk/full (if enabled in (etc/asterisk/logger.conf) and check there for any ERROR-line.
I would assume, that ther’s either an incomplete/wrong configuration for some module asterisk wants to load or You installed asterisk by hand (make) and something on the system-side was updated after compiling asterisk thus some used libraries are incompatible asterisk now.

If You can’t find the reason for tha crashes from the logs it would be a good idea to recompile asterisk.

I recompiled again but still the same problem :frowning:

bump!! … +Backtrace