Asterisk Crashed due to prometheus requests

I was running Asterisk 18.11.3 on RHEL 8.
And noticed that asterisk crashed during Dialing call from ARI in moment when request from prometheus received.
How it can be reprodused

  1. Send request to create channel through ARI
  2. Send Dial request to this channel through ARI
  3. Send request from prometheus to http://asterisk:8088/metrics or simply from browser.
    And asterisk immediatly crashes
    dmesg -T show this message

[Tue Sep 13 12:36:05 2022] asterisk[13513]: segfault at 8 ip 00007efbc5581cd7 sp 00007efbc0696140 error 4 in[7efbc557b000+d000]

Can you help solve the problem? Maybe it’s some kind of bug in this version? I couldn’t find information about it.

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Backtrace files
core-asterisk-2022-09-13T08-07-08Z-brief.txt (51.9 KB)
core-asterisk-2022-09-13T08-07-08Z-full.txt (139.9 KB)
core-asterisk-2022-09-13T08-07-08Z-info.txt (13.6 KB)
core-asterisk-2022-09-13T08-07-08Z-locks.txt (622 Bytes)
core-asterisk-2022-09-13T08-07-08Z-thread1.txt (5.3 KB)

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