Asterisk CPU utilization more then 100%

Please Suggest me server configuration for the the asterisk machine for more than 500 calls at a time, right now i have 8 core xeon 2.1 Ghz with 8Gb ram 5 dgm cards of 4 port. i am facing issue of more then 100 percent CPU utilization , i am not recording calls but i have Database connectivit and Http url hits in every calls… please suggest me better solution.

With what tool are you checking the CPU utilization? Is this giving you problems or are calls running uniterrupted?

Your server hardware seems good enough. If you expect a bigger call load, perhaps you should look into a distributed setup with multiple Asterisk servers sharing the load.

It is logically impossible to exceed 100% utilisation. Given you have 8 cores, do you mean 12.5%, which would be quite light, even though Asterisk doesn’t spread load evenly.

Note that 1GB of RAM is quite small these days, although probably still plenty. Did you really mean 8GB?

Do you have any transcoding (including the use of GSM voice announcements, etc.)?