Asterisk core show channels verbose

hello guys when i am using

core show channels verbose


core show channels concise

doesn’t metter it is showing me 1 call with 2 record like this:

SIP/acs-00004491 from dialall 11 Up Dial SIP/*******@trunk(call is going),S(1 Anumb 00:25:02 SIP/trunk-00004492

SIP/pss-00004492 from 1 Up AppDial (Outgoing Line) dialall 00:25:01 SIP/trunk(from call has started)-00004491

so i have question how can i get only 1 record? if it is possible?

The command shows you all channels that are in progress in Asterisk, including each leg of a call. There is no option to it to change this behavior.

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is there any command for only show the calls with 1 string?

You could try “core show calls” but having never used that I’m not sure if it would provide what you want. All CLI commands can be found through the CLI, “help” lists them all.

Use Linux command awk combined with core show channels