Asterisk Consultative Transfer

Hi guys,

I am just wondering if someone can help me to do this consultative transfer where in A calls in to B. B do a attended transfer to C. When B is already connected to C, B wants to toggle back and talk to A. After that, B toggles back to C. Then do a complete transfer to C. A and C are now Talking while B already hangs up.

if anyone has already done this. Can you please give me some assistance. I have done already the attended transfer using Asterisk 1.6 via dialing *2. but the problem here is, you can not toggle between A and C.



Depends on the technology. For SIP, it is likely that this can be done by using features of your phones, without the need to do anything special to Asterisk.

not sure if that would work but one way you could do that would be to actually have B call C on a different line so B can switch back and forth and conference them together then hangup. depending on how your conferencing is setup it should work…

just want to ask on how can can i make B call C when A is still connected to B. do i need to park A first?