Problems with attended tranfers

Hi !

First, sorry for my english, if you don’t understand, let me know I will try to clarify…

We are using a Asterisk to manage our Sip calls, but a portion of those calls need to be processed through a IVR server.
Some of those calls need to perform a 3-steps transfer, so we need to keep a link with the call while doing the transfer, so we are doing an attended transfer (for some person, it is known as a two legs transfer, a ReferJoin transfer, a consultative transfer or a TBCT [two-B-Channels-Transfer]). When I try to perform this, Asterisk is sending the Ok then it is doing the transfer, so from my IVR server, I never get the information on what happened to the call.
Some could say I can do a bridge transfer to keep the call all the time but we need to clear the channels on the IVR server absolutely.

I am newbie on the Asterisk server. I would provide all the information you need to help me. I am a little lost…

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Please provide a SIP trace. Wireshark is OK if you are not declaring a bug in Asterisk, but you will need to use sip set debug on, of you want to declare a bug. Please use a text version of any wireshark trace.

Asterisk should handle all forms of incoming SIP transfer but it is very limited in its ability to initiate such transfers.