Asterisk Configuration GUI loop in upgrade configuration fil

Dear All,

I am getting below error from the asterisk gui. When i login to GUI, GUI will get lopped and provide alway one pop-up window. with below message and OK button.

[color=#FF0000]“Your configuration will now be upgraded to work with latest version of GUI.
An automatic backup of old configuration is available from the backups panel.[/color]”

I got the following error in command “asterisk -r”

Connected to Asterisk 11.14.2 currently running on user-HCL-Desktop (pid = 8168)
[color=#FF0000][Dec 16 15:29:31] WARNING[9264][C-00000021]: app_system.c:138 system_exec_helper: Unable to execute ‘ztscan > /etc/asterisk/ztscan.conf’[/color]

Please help me to resolve the issue.


Asterisk GUI is no longer officially supported, and hasn’t been for several years. If this is a recent supply, please contact your vendor (S*y?) for support.