Asterisk and LinuxHA


I am trying to use LinuxHA Heartbeat for failover.

HA ‘floating’ IP
Port forwarding on router 4569 to

My SIP Phone Registers with no problem.

I can call out no problem.

If I pull network cable on Node1, I can still call out as IP floats to Node2.

Everything good with outbound calls.

However, inbound does not work.

IAX trunk comes in to external IP and is forwarded to

When I attempt a call to my geo number from my mobile, I see IAX Debug info on my console but phone does not ring.

If I change phone back to register with actual IP of either server, and change port forwarding back to actual IP, all is well - everything works.

There is a little glitch somewhere - can anyone shed any light?

Thanks alot.


ps. here is IAX debug info.
(Ignore the stuff to/from the 82.x.x.x address, it’s a remote IAXy.)


What are you binding to what ?

sounds like you haven’t got the bindings correct for IAX2.

Are you using a server with 1 2 or 3 interfaces ? and I assume you are shutting down asterisk on the dead node, and bringing things upi in order on th enewly active node.


Hi Ian,

I have two servers, each has a single NIC.

Asterisk is running on node1 but stopped node2.

Soon as I pull the ethernet cable on node1, node2 assumes the floating IP address and the Heartbeat service starts Asterisk.

I can then make calls out which route through node2. Receiving calls is the problem.

However, I can’t receive a call, even before failover. Although I CAN see an IAX2 information flurry on the console when I try to call in.

If I stop Heartbeat, change forwarding back to either Node’s actual IP, and tell SIP phone to register with same IP, everything works fine.

Thanks for your help!


Ok you should really have at least 2 nics one for voip and one for HA if possible, but you can get away with one.

But the problem is just you have got your binding wrong.

you need to bind the protocol to the IP address you are going to use.
IAX2 is problematic in HA systems.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your help. I will let you know if I make any progress.