Asterisk CLI - Incoming Actions

Hi everyone. I use Asterisk 16.2.1 LTS. On Asterisk Cli with “manager set debug on” i can see generated events and their parameters. but i want to see incoming actions with their parameters. Is it possible?

These are the availables Asterisk’s manager commands
manager reload – Reload manager configurations
manager set debug [on|off] – Show, enable, disable debugging of the manager code
manager show command – Show a manager interface command
manager show commands – List manager interface commands
manager show connected – List connected manager interface users
manager show eventq – List manager interface queued events
manager show events – List manager interface events
manager show event – Show a manager interface event
manager show settings – Show manager global settings
manager show users – List configured manager users

thanks for answer, but it is not answer for my question.

The idea was you seee the avaiables options, and what it is posible and what it is no, Asterisk events are generated internally by Asterisk and fire through TCP, Actions are orignated by the remote client and send to Asterisk so in order to see incoming actions it will be needed catch it by an external script

Currently there is no way to log incoming AMI actions in Asterisk.


@david551 is correct (see below). Having a patch here potentially confuses things. Removed patch, pushed to gerrit for review

*end edit

I’ve created a quick patch against the master branch to log incoming AMI actions:

Patches need to be submitted using hte issue reporting system after you have complete a licence grant. Patches submitted here will not be inculded in the official code and could complicate things if a subsequent proper submisison is made.

eh I figured it was just a one off debugging thing. If others think it’d be useful to put into the actual code base I (or someone who finds it useful) can probably do that.

It is tainted. Only you can give the copyright releases that would allow it to be included in the official code base. The release has to be by the person who owns the copyright. That’s what I meant about being able to complicate things in the future. Anyone submitting similar code will need to prove it isn’t based on your code.

Yup you are quite right. I edited my post above and removed the patch. I probably should have just posted it as a “snippet”.

Thanks for catching it!

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