Log Asterisk Manager events?


i’m using the Asterisk Manager API to create 3rd party applications. I would like to “capture” the events (incoming and outgoing), but i didn’t find any solution.

Of course, I tried with Ethereal and it works. But, I don’t know why, i’ve got some checksum error in my TCP packets, so I don’t have the whole messages…

Someone has other ideas ?


My problem is similar but the other way around:
I would like to log the commands Asterisk gets over the Manager API. The important thing is the exact time Asterisk receives them (since I want to debug delay problems).

Can you log the commands Asterisk receives via the Manager API with a timestamp?

I use Asterisk-Java, Asterisk version is 1.2.5.
Thanks in advance.


my /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file contains : [options] timestamp = yes verbose = 10

Thanks, that is a possibility.
Just because the main log is already totally overloaded and pretty hard to read:
There’s no way to log the Manager API things to a different log file (probably configured in manager.conf), is there?



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