Asterisk CLI for AMI Originate Command Get Originate Status

Hello Everyone.

I have one problem in AMI please help me on this.

I have two machine, in one asterisk is running (Inhouse premise) and other custom Application run on Cloud Server now when user filled online webform page on Application Server after clicking on submit button an AMI Programme hits Inhouse Calling Server and outgoing call is being connecting to user, here two possibilities may happen either received or reject.
In Reject I ran dialstatus API and sent response to Web Application server it would take some time depend on SIP response
In Received I ran API to Web APplication Server and share status to 2 now call get connected.

Do we have any asterisk CLI command through which we can gives Live Call response to Web Application Server.
Is there any asterisk CLI command which gives AMI parameter response on call behaviour either reject or receive

Please help me on this

Use channel variable DIALSTATUS and curl to send the call status to the remote server

Hello Sir,

@ambiorixg12: I’m doing the same but problem with Programmatic API used in dialplan. Is there any way in asterisk through which we can get call status for connected / disconnected.
I’m not talking about {DIALSTATUS} feature I’m talking about asterisk -rx " COMMANDS" .

What I’ll do if this command is available then I use PHP Code and make API which HIT asterisk -rx " COMMANDS" and send(CONNECT / REJECT) status to remote server

For real time information I suggest you use AMI’s events, dont if there is one who will tell you if the call was accepted or rejected , you need to find out your self.

@ambiorixg12 : Thanks for your suggestion

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