Asterisk cli command equivalent to Apply Config action in FreePBX

I’m able to add users to asterisk MySQL database dynamically. The same has been getting reflected in the Extensions and Users page in FreePBX. But, when i execute “sip show peers” from asterisk cli, the newly added user data is missing. However, when i perform “Apply Config” action, then i’m able to find those new users in the “sip show peers” list from asterisk CLI. i want to know is there any asterisk cli command which i can use to achieve the same functionality like Apply Config button click event. Or is there any Asterisk Manager Interface command that can do this job ?

FreePBX is a .conf file generator, Asterisk does not read the database directly. You would need to have FreePBX apply the configuration so it can write the .conf files and inform Asterisk to reload them.

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If you are using Freepbx 12 you can type amportal a r
If you are using Freepbx 13 type fwconsole reload

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