Asterisk CDR configuration Help needed

Hi All,
I am new to asterisk and trying to get my way through exporting CDR to a database on a remote system. Having researched about asterisk i found that , there is an option to directly export the CDR generated to postgres/Mysql database.
My interest here is with the Postgresql database and I found that there’s a file called which loads the config file cdr_pgsql.config. But My asterisk install doesnt have the file. Also I have postgres installed on the system where I have asterisk installed. Could anyone please tell me how do i get my way to file?



When asterisk was generated Postgres was probably not installed on your machine or atleast the option for the Postgres module wasn’t selected in the Make.

You will probably need to go back and run the make menuselect. Under Call Detail Recording, select the Postgres cdr_pgsql module, then continue on…

Great!that worked… So Is it possible if I say I wanted to export my cdr to a remote machine where postgres is installed?