Asterisk call recording for one side only

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I want to know if there is any way to be able to record an outgoing call capturing only the client-side not both sides.

I know there is the mixmonitor application but it records both sides.
I looked deep into it and I found that the ExtenSpy is able to do it when adding (,o) as an option. but it’s only allowing real-time call monitoring while I want to be able to save the record for each call.

The, older, Monitor application should be able to do this.

Note that there will always be some level of cross talk, so you cannot rely on this for security.

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thankyou so much that is what i wanted. in my case i only want to record the first 5 sec only, while the call is still going. i looked into the docs but i didnt see any option for setting recording timeout.

You can use the option r of Mixmonitor to record received audio on a call.

r( file ) - Use the specified file to record the receive audio feed. Like with the basic filename argument, if an absolute path isn't given, it will create the file in the configured monitoring directory.
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