Recording using monitor

I am working on asterisk. I recorded a conversation using application command monitor. I started recording before dialling a number. The voice got recorded in two different files (voice in and voice out). Is it possible to record both the conversation in a single file? I tried to record after dialling giving monitor function the next priority to dial. But the conversation was not recorded. What else could be done?

I use Mixmonitor and it works well recording both sides of conversation, also you can adjust the volume of each. This is for 1.2 version.

exten => s,1,Monitor(wav,${CALLFILENAME},m)

"…when recording finishes, Asterisk will execute a unix program to combine the two sound files into a single sound file. By default, Asterisk will execute soxmix and then delete the original two sound files."
Therefore, use ‘m’ flag!
It works for me :wink:

MixMonitor is the better solution because in and out audio files are mixed while the call is in progress, but I didn’t try it.