Asterisk call is getting release after exact 6 seconds

Why asterisk call is getting disconnected exact in 6 seconds? Any help?
Thanks in advance.

You’ll need to provide information with this in order to get an answer. Console output, a description of what the call is supposed to be doing, channels in use.

I will get back to you with details information. I’m unable to provide CLI console output as huge calls are there and CLI output running too much faster.

Telco operator saying call is releasing from Vendor end not GMSC end.
Is there any to way to take dump from asterisk CLI to check the call disconnection reason? Actually in a single day we are getting around 1.5 million calls. We are really unable to trace any specific call in asterisk CLI.

Whilst I can’t answer your question, one piece of advice is that, if you don’t say what the channel technology is, people will assume SIP, using chan_sip. That clearly isn’t the case here.

Sorry for my mistake. I’m using asterisk digium E1 card, DAHDI channel. I’ve two server with 30 E1 total. Each server contains 15 E1, 479 channels. Telco distributing call traffic 50-50 in each server. From cdr table I can see 298972 calls generated with more than 6 seconds and 409237 calls are less than 6 seconds in a day. As per cdr log, call disconnection ratio is very high.

Have you tried getting support from Digium? Normally you need to go to the vendor for support in using hardware. This forum is not an alternative to support from Digium.

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Didn’t try to get support from Digium yet. I’ll contact with Digium. Thank you for the suggestion.