centos 7
elastix 4.0 beta
asterisk 11.15

test case : User A call to Agent/User B
both are on call .
output : A has disconnected or B has disconnected.

aim : who has disconnected call A’s number or B’s Number /

Aim : i want to show disconnetor 's number in cdr or call_release report
i have create call_release report same as cdrreport .
call_release =cdrreport+disconnetor number.

solution : using dial() with g option and channel variable disconntor.

Tell me suggest how to bind asteriskcdrdb with new created call_release report

You must ask this in the Elastix Forum. This forum is for bare/vanilla asterisk. Since elastix use freepbx engine or his own engine you will need to edit the database and the framework to add your value.

hi i have already posted in Elastix forum too. but did not got any suggestion yet .thank for your suggestion .

Maybe you need to hire the elastix support team or another consultant.

tell me your estimation time and cost ?