Asterisk between Legacy PBX and PRI provider


I want to place Asterisk between Legacy PBX and PRI provider.

I’m planing the following:

PBX <–> Asterisk <–> PRI (ISDN 30)

I’m planing to have couple of TE110P in Asterisk box…
One working as net so that PBX can does not need to be reconfigured.

This would be a good setup to route some outgoing calls to VoIP providers and creating VoIP extensions for PBX.

Will this work?
If so, will all the faxes and modem sill work on PBX even though it would go through Asterisk’s 2 PRI cards?

I guess it will be doing bridging between the 2 cards but i want to be sure that this does not cause the fram slips and all other provomes that faxes/modem have when terminating PRI calls on TDM cards.

Thank you in advance!