Asterisk Basic Configurations and Using Xlite

Dear great minds,
Sir I have astersik installed on the machine. I found some tutorials from the net. But I m still un clear abt them. I have to configure Asterisk for LAN (for my private network) I found some tutorials but none of them i found any for LAN.
and I have Xlite it connects but there is no response. Now you can understand that I have run it from primary level. I need a primary guide for local extentions. (what the hardware i have requried for running on the LAN
I have One Zap card installed and a LAN Adapter
Plz any one you can help me . waiting for your help.

If you are a beginner you have to start with asterisk_at_home. Easy to install and to use, with a simple user guide. Even x-lite manual contains helpfull info.
For more help you have to say something more about your problems…