Asterisk Based PBXs

Does anyone have a full list of Asterisk based PBXs (ie. Free PBX, etc.)?

PBX in a flash
Incredible PBX

Thank you. Do you know if there’s a way to confirm a PBX is Asterisk based when looking at their specs?

Well everyone on the above list uses a derivative of FreePBX which configures Asterisk. Usually, the “about” section of the site will mention Asterisk.

If you have shell access run this command asterisk -x " core show version "

Nope, if you only have the specs of the PBX you can’t. You can post what PBXs you have in mind in case that someones know anything.

What about Citadel? I see that it can work with Asterisk, but it’s not an Asterisk based PBX. It looks like Citadel is a platform interface but not an actual PBX. Is that correct? Does anyone have any insight into this?