Asterisk as Hotel/Hospitality Solution

I know a hotel client with at most 250 rooms. They currently have less than 300 telephone extensions using Avaya SIP phones connecting all their departments to an Avaya PABX which caters all their telephony operations.

Now, they’re planning to literally replace the Avaya PABX server system, but preserving the Avaya SIP phones, with an Asterisk PABX server. I read an article that Avaya SIP phones are very compatible with Asterisk. So, no problem there. However, what keeps me challenged is their PMS. They are using MICROS-Fidelio’s Opera as their PMS.

My concern, is would Opera be compatible with Asterisk? What would happen to the database if it is integrated with Asterisk? Opera is DOS-based, if this would matter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What equipment do i need to interface with 240 Avaya SIP phones to an Asterisk server?


As to Opera, You will need to write some middle ware to interface with that, does fidelo have a simulator program ? I know many did I have one here for HIS.

as to the sets if they are Sip compliant then nothing will be needed, Just unplug the Avaya and plug in the Asterisk :laughing:

Can you enlighten me with what that simulator program is all about?

Cool! :smile:

Would Kamailio be a good alternative to Asterisk? There are 230 existing extensions and from my sources, more or less 50 can only be carried out by Asterisk for SIP phones. More than it would resort to large-scale PBX servers, like what OpenSIPS and Kamailio.


In a hotel Asterisk will be fine with 230 extensions, Personally I have sites with over 120 extensions and load is never a worry. you would be using server hardware any way and using Openser you would still need Asterisk to do the hotel features and media gateway.

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250 SIP phones is fine on an asterisk only server.
If 50 are using SIP, then the rest are analog? That’s typical in a hotel situation - you’d be good to look at a Xorcom analog/usb device.

FYI, don’t be shy when quoting numbers.
My biggest system out there is:

524 sip peers [362 online , 162 offline]

It starts to do peculiar things when it hits around 396 for some reason. Never seen it go beyond 400 extensions.

It’s a pretty beefy machine. There are a TONNE OF SIP KEEP ALIVE MESSAGES on this box. Forget doing a sip debug. It’s got max 50 concurrent calls but hovers around 30-33 8 hours a day. It uses about 15% CPU.

If you’re on a local network, you’re laughing. If you have the opportunity, try to test with 10 or 20 extensions. Nut out any problems you may have - hold/retrieve calls. Park calls. Retrieve voicemails. Conferences - I’ve never heard of Avaya phones on asterisk - it’s news to me. Pretty cool I guess.

What sort of interface to hospitality software - I’ve been exposed to Calista which is a Siemens product. I presume you just want phones locked/unlocked and a class-of-service (internal calls only) when the rooms are being cleaned etc…

Thanks for your inputs.

Most of the phones that the hotel client holds are SIP. I have read an article integrating SIP phones with Asterisk. However, the procedures are a bit tricky especially during flashing.

The hotel client is using MICROS-Fidelio. I guess, this is the MS-version, for hotelier softwares :smile:

There is a micros certified middleware available for asterisk based pbx’s . This software works with micros opera, fidelio and other pms from micros. Pbillx has been recently installed in a Holiday Inn Express in Honduras.

Find more information on

Thanks for the info. This would help me for my future setups.


There’s also a middleware product called JAZZ Fusion from a U.S. company. It hooks to virtually all the PMS platforms out there globally and can run as a web service to your platform. I think they’re also approved for most the major hotel brands so you don’t have to do certifications with them. The also handle any local serial interface problems and can feed guest data too …