Asterisk as call logging replacement for legacy hardware?


I’ve come across an old Eyretel box which is used in conjunction with Witness software (through Internet Explorer) to record all incoming/outgoing calls, archive them to tape and make them available for re-play (with search through web interface).

Whilst it’s great when it works, it’s just stopped!!

Now, I’m not a telecoms expert, so please bear with me…! (I’ll look up any/all info that could be helpful, once I know what I’m looking for!!)

The incoming lines are ISDN and the voice recorder is connected in parallel to the PBX.

I know Asterisk will do loads of stuff if used as the PBX, but can it be configured as a drop-in replacement for this legacy bit of kit?



From Your description of the scenario, the answer is Yes, this could be achieved by using MixMonitor within asterisk which will store the conversation to a given filename. The other parts (accessibility via web) are afterwards easy to implement using any scripting-language for the webserver.

I don’t think it can. As described, he seems to want to monitor the ISDN signalling and speech without actuallly responding to it or setting up downstream call legs.

Hi abw1oim and david55,

To be clear, there’s already a legacy ISDN PBX in place. It works. I don’t really want to touch it at the moment.

What no longer works is the call recorder box, that needs replacing.

The call recording box is a sink. It has a cable going in to it from a BT CWSS NTE51D (in fact from a splitter in the back of the BT box, one cable going to the PBX and the other going to the call recorder) and all that comes out are tapes with call recordings and the web interface for searching. It doesn’t do any call handling stuff.

Thanks again,


Ok, I missed the Legacy-ISDN-environment. As this environment should run further, my idea is not usable here …