IVR with password

Hello to all asterisk gurus,

I’m totally a newbie to asterisk, and so far I have a Linux CentOS 5 with Asterisk 1.4 and FreePBX 2.5 running well.

I have a simple question about IVR. Can I program the IVR to require a user to enter something like a password and base on the password entered the IVR routes it to specific IVR menu ?

The plan for the password is to have a text base, line by line password list on the server where asterisk can read on and validate it against the user input.

Is this idea workable and how do I accomplish that ?

Any references which anyone can point me ?

Any input is welcome !


Yes, use Read() + Gotoif()

core show application read()

This would have to be database driven either mysql or astdb.
Quickest would be the astdb.

Basicly you get the digits best with read then compare that against teh astdb and route on the returned info.

Fairly simple to do.