Asterisk as an alternative to Avaya Integral 55/150 Phones


Our setup at the moment is the following:

We have 2x Avaya Integral 55 PRI with about 150 ISDN Phones (most of them Avaya Integral T3.11) and about 10 Faxes. We are thinking about switching to an Asterisk PBX, but have not much experience with it, except for setting up an Asterisk with a couple of smartphones via WiFi for fun.

Since we do not want to sell our 150 ISDN Phones worth 15000 $ I wanted to ask if anyone has experience in connecting an Asterisk PBX with these Avaya Phones or generally in migrating from Avaya to Asterisk!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Chris

No one with experiences? Where could I inform myself then?


You dont give people long to respond so you !

You might want to talk to Citel as they do support some Avaya handsets … ndsets.pdf

But truth be told thugh you have invested $15000 in the handsets it may cost nearly that to connect 150 of them to a system if media conversion is required.


I actually tried googling around for these phones, but couldn’t find any information about them, except in German, which I don’t understand. Could you please post some more information about the handsets?