Asterisk App Integration

Hello all! I am in college for information systems, and I really want to expand my knowledge. I’ve been working with a friend/family member and they still use a home phone for business calls with no information system for logging their transactions, etc. I want to take this on as a challenge and attempt to integrate an information system that would include a phone app where their business calls come in on.

My language of choice is always Rust. I’m not finding many resources on integrating Asterisk to embed a client within my software via API, or even just tutorials. Does anyone have any resources or could direct me to a tutorial or information to integrate call flow?

Thanks everyone for your time!

Why do you need Rust for this? There are numerous existing softphones that work just fine.

I’m asking because I’m trying to do this as a learning experience.

Which part is the learning experience? Learning how to use Asterisk or writing a softphone for it? Because those are two different things. Completely.

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