Asterisk and Nokia E51


I have problem with registering my Nokia E51
mobile only says that ‘registration failed’ and debug in console show nothing
I know that the connection between mobile and asterisk can be established because when i put wrong password in it, debug in console says that there is wrong password

both mobile and machine with asterisk are in the same LAN, but both have public IP


context = default
allowoverlap = no
bindport = 5060
bindaddr =
srvlookup = yes

type = friend
username = mobile
secret = pwd
host = dynamic
context = task
dtfmode = rfc2833
canreinvite = no

E51 configuration

Profile name = Profile
Service profile = IETF
Default access point = my_access_point
Public user name = sip:1004@asterisk_ip
Use compression = No
Registration = Always on
Use security = No

Proxy server
Proxy server address = sip:asterisk_ip
Realm = asterisk
User name = 1004
Password = 1004_password
Allow loose routing = Yes
Transport type = UDP
Port = 5060

Registrar server
Registrar server address = sip:asterisk_ip
Realm = None
User name = None
Password = None
Transport type = UDP
Port = 5060

I will be grateful for any advices

restart is good for everything